Now that I’ve ranked the sharks, I would like to offer some free advertising to some of the best deals that were made in the Shark Tank (in no particular order, except alphabetically, of course):

  • Bantam Bagels: This place easily gives Einstein Bagels a run for their money. I would head here for breakfast and then Tom&Chee for lunch (and maybe dinner too). The good thing is that if you don’t live in the Big Apple, you can order these mini-stuffed delights online.
  • Cookie Dough Cafe: This is any woman’s dream-come-true, especially when Aunt Flo is in town. I’ve never had a problem with eating raw cookie dough until recently. Luckily, this cookie dough is as safe as can be.
  • Drop Stop: I can’t help but thinking “Rain Drop, Drop Top” (thanks Dylan) when I hear this company name now, but this is such a useful item. No more chipped nails or smashed hands trying to reach for your phone when it drops in between the seat in your car.
  • Extreme SandBox: Have you ever wanted to drive massive construction equipment? Now is your chance in this adult playground!


  • Gameday Couture: Have you ever had to borrow your dad’s, brother’s, or husband’s jersey for Game Day at work or school? Borrow no more! Gameday Couture has fashionable options for women who actually like to cheer on their favorite teams.
  • Hoppy Paws: If I had kids, I would jump all over this idea! You can leave different “paw prints” throughout your house depending on the holiday.
  • Paint Brush Cover: This cover is one of those items that seems like a no-brainer, and you wonder why no one thought of it before. I almost want to paint a room just so I can use it.
  • Readerest: Ever since I got these as a gift for my mom, she no longer says “I can’t find my glasses” and makes me hunt for them, which definitely makes it worth the $20.  
  • Tom+Chee: Trust me, it’s not a good idea to look at their menu when you’re already hungry; it’s like going to Walmart before dinner. You will never look at grilled cheese or carbs the same way again. Please, please, please open up a location in Arizona!

Unfortunately, as with any shark tank, sometimes people don’t make it out alive. RIP. However, these particular companies are still remembered after their Shark Tank “death” and are still alive-and-kicking in the real world! If it makes them feel any better, I would invest in them if I was a millionaire.

  • Hammer and Nails: I remember when I took Adam to get a pedicure for his first time. It was funny to watch him squirm as the bottom of his feet were tickled. (I am still mad that my boyfriend, Adam, has nicer feet than me, though. Not fair.) This high-end salon is designed just for men, so the guys don’t stick out like a sore thumb. (At least it’ll be a manicured thumb.)
  • The Skinny Mirror: This was a controversial item when it appeared on the show, but I still think it could be beneficial for stores to have. They should let their customers know that it’s intended to make them look better so as to not deceive. I hate the feeling when I go in a fitting room.  The lighting makes me look like I’m ill, and then I end up walking out of the store with nothing. I think this would help  many people overcome “being our own worst critic”.
  • Smart Plate: The Smart Plate really hits home with me, as I have tried tracking my food before, and it can be difficult. Although some people use a scale to be more precise, this smart plate automatically calculates the serving size for you! How cool is that?
  • Tie-Not: I have a confession to make. I am 23-years-old and can’t blow up or tie a  balloon. If anyone would like to get this for me for Christmas, I will be forever grateful. Don’t let me be that mom someday that throws birthday parties for her kids with no balloons.

Watching Shark Tank has inspired me to pursue my goals. I finally started my own blog, and hopefully someday I will have my own business as well. To carry on this legacy, I hope that at least one person who reads my blog is inspired as well, whether that be to write again or something else. Nothing is impossible (Philippians 4:13)!  

What were some of your favorite people or companies to appear on the show? I would leave to hear your thoughts!

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